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Direct billing your chiropractic services:


Dr. Holleran offers direct billing for all her patients. You do not need to mail receipts/invoices to insurance companies. We work directly with insurance companies (Extended Benefits) and bill them on your behalf. 

Every extended benefit package is different. Dr. Holleran suggests her patients to contact their insurance company prio rto  the first visit to the chiropractor to ensure correct understanding of extended benefit package (what services Extended Benefits plan includes and how these services are covered).

Chiropractic Treatments

  • Initial Chiropractic OR Acupuncture Assessment (Approx 60 minutes)  $130.00

  • Chiropractic Session  (Approx 10-15 minute)  $60.00, Acupuncture Session (Approx 20 minute) $60.00

  • Chiropractic Reevaluation (greater then 6 months since last treatment) (Approx 20-30 min)  80.00

  • New Complaint (Approx 20-30 min) $80.00

  • Adjustment and Acupuncture (Approx 30 min) $110.00

  • Extended Chiropractic Treatment Visit with Dr. Holleran (Approx 25-30 minutes)$110.00

  • Orthotics  starting at $450 and up

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