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Providing Everything You Need For A Pain Free Life

Pregnant Woman Staying Fit

Pregnancy Program

This program was developed for expectant as well as postpartum women. The program follows the expectant mother from prenatal to postnatal. The prenatal component of the program involves spinal realignment, strengthening muscles that support the spine and pelvis and nutrition to prepare for pregnancy. Scheduled chiropractic care much like your obstetrician/midwife appointments provide benefits for  maintaining a healthier pregnancy, controlling symptoms of nausea, reducing the time of labor and delivery as well as relieving back, neck or joint pain. 


Low Back Disc Progam

This program was developed for people suffering from low back pain due to more serious issues such as lumbar spine instability, bulged, slipped or herniated discs. Thru a series of specific manual treatments, education, stabilization exercises and home care one can enhance the quality of their life and their low back health. This program is tailored made to the individual issues, weaknesses and lifestyle.

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Senior Yoga Class

Central Stenosis Program

This program was developed for people suffering from central stenosis due to osteoarthritis. The spinal stenosis program is an individualized   program consisting of specific manual  treatment, education and exercises. The program is performed at your pace and tolerance level to in order to achieve the best physical outcome.

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