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COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

BEFORE YOUR VISIT remember we moved to 895 Yonge Street 2nd Floor

Client Screening
It’s essential we know about the status of your health, so you’ll receive a phone call or an online covid-19 screen form to be completed the day before your appointment. This form is mandatory to help us determine if it is safe for you to come to the clinic.

Team Screening
To ensure no possible COVID-19 risk, at the beginning of every shift, our team will complete a full health screening as well.


Time of Arrival
Please arrive for your session right on time, and not early, to keep any contact or crowding to a minimum in our clinic. The doors will be locked and your therapist will come to the door at your appointment time to allow you entry. Consider waiting outside or in your car if you’re comfortable and weather permits. We can also call you.

Upon Arrival at the Clinic
There will be another COVID-19 screen on our door. Your therapist will again ask you these questions to verbally confirm the status of your health and any potential COVID-19 contact. They might ask you to sign a form as well.
You will then be directed immediately to your therapist room. At this time there will be no reception or chairs. Once measures ease up we will open the reception area to allow social distance seating and the reception desk. A plexiglass Divider will be installed to protect you and our therapists.

Face Protection
Team members and clients are required to wear masks at all times. If you don’t have a mask, your therapist will provide you with one for a nominal fee. Masks with a one-way valve are not permitted in the clinic.

Social Distancing
There will be posters reminding you of the social distancing rules. When the reception is open we will have six foot markers as a guide of where to stand and sit. Please follow these closely to ensure a safe experience.

Restriction of Amenities
During this time, we ask you to bring as little as possible into the clinic. No food of drink. Only bring your essentials such as your cell phone and method of payment. Leave everything else at home

Restricted Use of Washrooms
In an effort to minimize exposure and contact, we’re limiting the use of our washrooms. Please arrive at the clinic knowing that you may not be able access our washrooms during your visit. Please don’t have that coffee on your way to your appointment.


Contactless Payment
At this time, we would appreciate contactless payment. All payments and scheduling of appointments will be performed in the therapist’s room after or before your appointment.

Escort Immediately to front door
Once your therapy is over and payments and scheduling have been handled. Gather all your belongings and you will be escorted to the door where the therapist will unlock it for you to allow your exit.

Time to Sanitize
After your appointment the therapist will perform a thorough cleaning of the room, tables and all surfaces touched.


  • Maintain social distancing while in the clinic

  • Use proper respiratory etiquette, cough or sneeze into your mask, arm or use kleenex

  • Stay home if you have a cough, fever or symptoms of COVID-19.


We at H/Q Healthquest thank you for your understanding and helping us keep everyone safe during this time.

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